Mechanical assembly – supply and installation of PV panels and mounting structure.

Viking Solar Group can design a solar mounting system specifically for your project needs. We understand that there is no single solar racking solution that fits all sites because each and every site is different – geographically, topographically, and with respect to structural loading requirements.

Based on the solar module, mounting type, project size, and soil conditions, Viking Solar provides a custom-engineered racking design specific to the site conditions at your solar farm. We have the machinery and a skilled team of ramming machine operators to complete all these works.

Testing of the steel structures that we offer to our clients is performed in accordance with generally accepted standards, and test reports are certified and submitted by an independent test laboratory.


Pull Test
Depending upon the soil conditions and scale of the project, Viking Solar offers on-site pull-out tests to determine the soil characteristics of a prospective solar farm site. Our team of experts travels to your job site with high-tech post-driving equipment to determine the required factors for foundation design.


Our Structure Solutions:

  • Hot Galvanized Steel
  • Anodizing Aluminium


We understand that foundations are the most important element of a solar mounting structure, which is why we provide a complete foundation design along with signed and sealed structural drawings. Our engineers design foundations to have an adequate load capacity with a limited settlement. We consider all applicable design aspects including, but not limited to, the characteristics of the soil, weight of the structure, live loads, transient load, and settlement when designing the foundation for the most economic and robust solar racking structure in the industry.

Foundation type may vary due to soil conditions and penetration restrictions. Viking Solar engineers are experienced in working with different foundation types including:

  • Driven Post
  • Concrete Piers
  • Spread Footings
  • Helical/screw-type anchors
  • Floating Ballast


Mounting System
We recognize how important Solar mounting installation is to meet the project deadline which is why we take single-point responsibility for the entire project starting from the topographical works to the complete installation of solar modules. We carry unmatched expertise in turnkey solar installation projects. Our design, engineering, and solar mounting installation experts work closely with your team to close any gaps in execution and implementation. By mitigating dependence on the third party, we can honor our commitment to deadlines even on the most demanding solar mounting installation projects.


Scope Of Works:

  • Topographical works
  • Ramming of the posts or screws (ground anchor)
  • Mounting of the metal structure: fixed structure or trackers
  • Mounting of the panels
  • Cleaning of the site