West Raynham 49.8 MW

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    September 2014 - February 2015

  • Category

    Civil Engineering, Solar EPC

Raynham Airfield PV park

This 50 MW solar park is situated on a disused airfield near Fakenham in Norfolk and is one of the largest in the UK, generating enough renewable electricity to power more than 11,000 average homes

Work done:
– Site management
– Security 24 h
– Temporary storage area
– Reception and Unloading of the materials

Civil works:
– Ground cleaning and preparation of the working area
– Road Paths
– Internal and Access Road
– Execution of buildings foundation
– Execution of Customer Switching Room, Control and CCTV Building, and Meteorological Station Foundations
– Trenches and conduits (supply and installation)
– Fencing (supply and installation)
– Demolitions

Mechanical works:
– Topographical works
– Ramming of the piles
– Structure Mounting System
– Mounting of the PV panels

Electrical works:
– Installation of AC cabling between inverters and transformers
– Installation of DC cabling between inverters and string combiner boxes
– Installation of DC cabling between string combiner boxes and panels
– Connection PV modules
– Assembly of string combiner boxes
– Connection and installation of the inverters, MV transformers
– Grounding connection
– Installation of auxiliary supply between the distribution board and inverter.
– Fitting of fuses (left forward) in each string combiner box.
– Installation of data cabling between the logger, inverters, and string combiner boxes.
– Installation of 1 off-earth rod and earth lead to each string combiner box.
– Connection of each substation earth mat linking the inverters and transformers together.
– Carry out final landing/termination of all installed cabling.
– Testing and commissioning
– As-built documents