Mataf Ceiling, Mecca

Viking was in-charge of Electrical/Mechanical works related to Mataf Ceiling around Kaba, Minarets, and Solar PV in Mecca.

Currently, there are 5 floors around the Kaaba and approximately 2 million LEDs to be installed and connected.

LEDs are controlled by DMX/RDM (Remote Device Management) protocol.

Viking attributions:

  • Material Submittal preparation and submittals of Luminaries, Down-lights, Electrical Cabinets, Cantilever, etc. to DAR Cairo.
  • Elaboration of Electrical Shop Drawings for Mataf Ceiling, Minarets, and Solar PV
  • Electrical/Mechanical design and installations
  • Single-line diagrams elaboration
  • Saudi Arabia Metro stations Solar PV design

Temporary Mataf, Mecca

The temporary bridge “Temporary Mataf” in the al-Haram mosque in Mecca was built to keep the capacity during the 3-year renovation phase. The unique structure consists completely of carbon composite and satisfies different requirements on a high level:

The frame structure offers a maximum load-bearing capacity with a minimum amount of material. The high stiffness allows for high comfort for pilgrims. The entire structure can be built and disassembled quickly without the need for heavy tools which was one of the crucial demands for the work in the courtyard of the mosque.

Material: Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Plastic CFRP
Area: 5000m²
Width: 12m
Diameter: 100m
Height: 12m

Viking contributions:
– Project reports
– Material Submittal preparation and submittals of Luminaires, Downlights, Electrical Cabinets, Cantilever, etc. to DAR Cairo.
– Luminary installations
– Cable installations
– 3D Studies