Mataf Ceiling, Mecca

Project Info

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  • Category

    MEP Instalations

  • Client:

    SBG @PCT

Viking was in-charge of Electrical/Mechanical works related to Mataf Ceiling around Kaba, Minarets, and Solar PV in Mecca.

Currently, there are 5 floors around the Kaaba and approximately 2 million LEDs to be installed and connected.

LEDs are controlled by DMX/RDM (Remote Device Management) protocol.

Viking attributions:

  • Material Submittal preparation and submittals of Luminaries, Down-lights, Electrical Cabinets, Cantilever, etc. to DAR Cairo.
  • Elaboration of Electrical Shop Drawings for Mataf Ceiling, Minarets, and Solar PV
  • Electrical/Mechanical design and installations
  • Single-line diagrams elaboration
  • Saudi Arabia Metro stations Solar PV design