Al-Shamiyah Haram Extension & Mataf

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    SBG @PCT

BIPV system for Al-Shamiyah Haram Extension & Mataf:

PV modules will be fitted to the roof of bridges connecting the Piazza to Mataf area of the great mosque. PV Modules with both curved and flat profiles are used. The bespoke modules will aptly fit the design intent of the bridge.

Technical data for BIPV installation on the bridge:

  • Installed capacity: 1.3 MW peak
  • Annual Production: 1.6 GWh 
  • CO2 saving: 950.000 ton           
  • Module coverage area: 8981 square meters
  • Module quantity: 3936 pieces

The modules retrofitted to the Shooter roof will also have a green texture specially designed to match the theme of the surrounding area.

Safety will be paramount to the installation owing to the site being a place of pilgrimage where millions visit every year. Each bespoke module will be fitted with module-level power electronic device for module-level control and optimal system efficiency.

Technical data for BIPV installation on Shooter:

  • Installed capacity: 0.4 MW peak
  • Annual Production: 0.6 GWh 
  • CO2 saving: 360.000 ton           
  • Module coverage area: 2900 square meters
  • Module quantity: 1312 pieces